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​        To whom it may concern
    My name is Teresa Flores. The reason for this letter is to recommend Justin Cochrane as a property manager. I have known Justin for 17 years. The complex's I was living in were surrounded of drugs, gangs, crime and violence. The neighborhood was not under a caring company.   
    Three years later Justin became property manager. I was able to see a difference immediately. He quickly removed all the tenants who had not been paying there rent, causing problems, and destroying property. He made the environment safe and trusting. He's always willing to connect with the people of the neighborhood together , making the surroundings family friendly. He’s the guy you want running a business, he’s responsible, caring , and always doing what’s best for the company and for costumers.
    Thanks to Justin the property is the best it has ever been. Justin made people know it was a good place to settle down a while . Others noticed this change immediately resulting in more applicants. Families have been living there for years and have been grateful for everything Justin has provided. They are happy, comfortable, and safe.
    The reasons above are why I think Justin is a great property manager. I would recommend him to any and every business. He is a blessing to every neighborhood he manages and was born to do what he does. You will not regret your choice!

Teresa Flores

Tenant at Whispering Palms Apartments + others, Lompoc, CA



Sunday - 4/3/16

"Thanks Justin.  You are amazing, even on the weekend!! Our water heater was replaced. Hope you and your family have a good evening!!" - Text from Rea - tenant 


Justin Cochrane

I received property management services provided by Justin Cochrane.  The services were carried out in a very professional and successful manner. Anytime, as a resident, I called for assistance, there would be an appointment made and it would be kept promptly and efficiently.  I did not have any difficulty getting necessary repairs or other services when needed and was very pleased with the fast and courteous manner in which they were handled. When I called Justin, I got results.  If  property management services were required in a complex or individual unit and I was a landlord or owner, I would definitely refer Justin Cochrane as a property manager. As a tenant, I was always taken care of rapidly and productively and never had to worry about reliability and keeping the place maintained well.


Sam Monro - Owner of Sams To U Restaurant in Goleta (805) 681-7071

Tenant @ Kinman Apartments




Justin Cochrane is a superb manager. He is extremely bright, organized, and articulate. Justin is a problem-solver too. He is very efficient, so he knows what needs to be accomplished, and he accomplishes his goals with expediency and a positive attitude. Justin is truly dedicated, which is evident by the enthusiasm with which he approaches his work and life in general. It is Justin's sense of humor that sets him apart.  Justin is a dynamic individual, who is a pleasure to work with and to know.

Rebecca Rheim

14 year investment partner and majority Owner of Stowell Rd, LLC

Carmel, California





Justin Cochrane has been managing our 38 unit building since 2008. During that time he has not only worked diligently to rent vacant units quickly but also coordinated the updating of the vacancies. Consequently as they came vacant again he was able to rent them quickly.

New tenants remark how professional he is in handling their work requests promptly.



George J. Fonti

S & G Properties

822 Bay View Way

Redwood City, CA 94062






To Whom It May Concern


While the Chief Operating Officer at MJW Investments Justin Cochrane oversaw our apartment portfolio for the past 3 years while the company he formerly was employed managed several assets classes for us along the central coast. It was Justin’s management oversight that impressed me most.


Justin is an innovative self-starter, who excels in a high-level of autonomy and accountability. He is punctual and typically exceeds expectation. Of his many skills, his ability to foster relationships cross- functionally in an ever changing, fast paced environment has proven to be extremely beneficial to our company. He handles pressure well and is adept at problem identification and resolution. Whether the situation calls for taking a tough stance with tenants in rough neighborhoods or handling the renovation of an entire building, Justin unlike many manager obtains a vast knowledge of construction methods and pricing to perform vast turnover while understanding what the tenant is looking for, while not breaking the bank at a per unit cost but understanding the return on investment.  Justin not only met these extreme situations or tight deadlines, but he often beat them. At the same time he continued to produce higher NOI at the end of the month for our portfolio.


Justin is an invaluable asset to any property management company, so much that I asked him to invest with me and only if he managed the properties.


I highly recommend hiring him. If you’d like to discuss his attributes in more detail, please don’t hesitate to contact me. (310) 345-4665


Warmest Regards


Richard Moody



I have known Justin for half my life both as a friend and on a business level.  Truly nothing has been anything but positive.  Over the years I have been happy to recommend any clients of mine to him for any needs they might have regarding property management.  You can expect honest and hard work as well as a very friendly level of service.  Please feel free to personally call me if you have any questions.  Kevin Schmidtchen, Realtor Sotheby's Int'l Realty.


Kevin Schmidtchen

Cell: #805-689-6877





My name is Bob D'Ambra I am a general contractor. I have worked with Justin Cochrane on a variety of projects since 2008. Justin has managed some large units in the Santa Barbaara area that take time and effort to manage correctly. 
When it comes to getting property rentals ready, I can candidly state he is in focus and knows what’s best for his clients, both the owner and the tenants. He’s has been easy to work for and explains his requests clearly.  





Jose Freddy Quesada


C&S Painting and Repairs


Santa Maria, CA 93458



Thursday, April 11, 2013


RE: Justin Cochrane


·      Excellent management skills practice at a professional level


·      Reliable and dependable


·      Able to delegate public affairs in a professional manner


·      Inspect building facilities in a timely manner


·      Able to comply with OSHA regulations and building codes


·      Conducts various safety training and promote a safe work environment


·      Assure proper care of numerous rental properties in a large scale


·      Able to prepare and maintain records of Job performed


·      Coordinate all aspects of hiring contractors for all buildings jobs depending on building needs


·      Justin makes a great asset to any company, working alongside of him has been a great nine years!


Sincerely,  Jose F. Quesada





My name is Ernest Paz owner of Paz Painting.



I have known Justin for over 13 years, during the 13 years Justin has overseen my work involving all aspects of repairs associated with apartment buildings, from replacing burned out light bulbs to completely remodeling and renovating apartments and everything in between. In my experience working with Justin, he has proven to care for his tenants, by patiently listening to them, attending to their needs, and creating a smooth environment for a smooth transition to their new home.



I would be happy to recommend Justin as a property manager, he is dedicated to his tenants and clients and he is very knowledgeable in all building repairs and maintenance.



Ernest Paz

























Justin Cochrane - Founder

We are very excited to launch our new business 805 Property Management.  Please feel free to call us for any information and/or property care.  We are very thankful for all the inquiries and support regarding the business thus far.  We will continue to serve you with the utmost integrity and professional service.

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